by Ketman

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released September 1, 2011



all rights reserved


Ketman Boston, Massachusetts

"One more reason a growing number of people here aren’t miserable? KETMAN — who have triple-handedly restored power to the power trio. Of course, they’ve also restored wit, invention, and brains, but no one wants to see a 'brain trio.' As far as we’re concerned, they’re the best band Boston rock’s got."
- The Boston Phoenix
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Track Name: Hideout From the Sun
hey governor where ya running for or from now
monitor for answers ya thought you’d find in a chant
arrested the wrong jack still bragged about yr handcuffs
shining like diamonds congrats on yr big bluff
shining like diamonds it’s quite a drop from a big bluff

hey sister really miss the way you’d come undone
just remember we have it better we never went to work with guns
hideout from the sun hideout in the sun hideout of the…

I got something left to say to you;
I’m about ten feet off of the ground
Track Name: The Fiji Mermaid
Can’t control this circus outside my room.
Freaks and thieves and human anomalies
They are dancing hand in hand
While Mr. Barnum is approaching
me to see if he could lease my gold.
The freakiest little thing off the Fiji coast.
Though she’s not as pretty as you may hope,
She is the siren of my wealth.

When you crawled out
You tried to walk on hard ground.
Sun cracked your crown.

oh my mermaid dragged throught the jacked parade
you hid allright at sea on the crest of a wave
we crawled out to see the sight
curiosity called sides
Track Name: Latitude, Longitude
Swimming past headlights, I stop to stare
Through all the clouds and wonder what’s there.
If my world is bound by the words in my head,
I am the object of everyone else instead.

Call into question what all the words mean.
Pay close attention to the spaces between
letter and letter as they form your mind.
The ghost of what’s real is the thought that is here in my head.

Blowing kisses in a mask, they tell it to ya last
you thought you saw the end, you thought you saw the end
only bones point to show you home again
be sure to know that no one knows
Whitman’s head split on the floor of the lab
gifted to science, this gift it proved to fall too fast
Track Name: The Switch
He tied me tightly to the wheel for 13 shows a week
Narrowly avoiding death is not a new routine
I’m spinning around in this circle, spinning around in this circle, spinning around in this circle wondering if I’ll ever make it out

on that day she told her heart
to take a little time off from tossing knives in the dark

serenity will do me good in this box out in the woods
taking up a new routine, breaking ranks with Carney kin
sideshow royalty in captivity
calcified, trapped inside, wondering if I’ll ever make it out

walking away she sold her heart
the day he tore them away from tossing knives in the dark
boredom’s contagious they were doomed from the start
their eyes held smiles bared teeth tear apart

highwire sideshow she was the queen
spun around in a wheel catching bullets in her sharp teeth
Track Name: Oubliette
in the hills ‘round ‘bout Kentucky
there’s a place I long to know
it’s a hole free from ballbreak and heartache
the keys to the door I’m yet to be shown

Into the oubliette
Forgive me Juliet
It’s a long road home

I pray I will get back there
this time I’m gonna pick that lock
let it be known I’ll kiss the ground
get a good foot down on that one and only walk
Track Name: Saint Jean
Sweet Jean have you seen the pirates of fortune
who have squandered all our goodwill with the smuggest smiles.
Take heed and sow seeds we’ll make it your virtue
After cointelpro has laid your baby down to rest

And now you wait for the end
and your will won’t bend
as you’re waiting (leaving) to find your home again
When you think for a minute that the scene is cut
it’s the same take once again

St. Joan you shoulda known the pirates would find you
you’re a critical disaster burning on the pyre.
All of your last days are lived out in solace
With your docile mind all boxed up in the 2” pine

tumbled off some tumbled off
they dragged you out you kept teeth sharp
stood them off til laws got lost
no halt
Track Name: Dancing Man
I am a dancing man With pockets jingling
Where does the money flow? No one knows
Suits knocking, white papers signed
I lost my mind

And as I’m walking down the street to the sound of my shoe scuffle beneath me,
It forms a song I’ve never heard before. The one that’s ringing in my head
And as I wonder how much time has passed, I put my face up to the shattered glass. I see a man I never thought I’d know. A failure out at sea in misery

on stilts a court calls out for more
kangaroos falls for yet another encore
so sick of city stress the art of breaking bricks
and pulling ponytails and pulling legs

And while you’re walking down the street to the sound of your shoe scuffle beneath you
It’s a song you’ve never heard before.
wedged within all of our heads
now all the suits have come to hunt for you.
Blood is dripping from the rabid tooth.
It’s never captured in a photograph;
But but you can hear it on the phonograph

calling those they called off
time to kick the dust off
Track Name: Dan-No-Ura
High above the arrows fly; we wait below for one last chance to strike
Weighted armor set to sink into the ocean falling honorably

Only in a dream…

Restore the fortunes nothing’s free; let’s all contribute to the killing spree.
Years of golden rule are gone and now we all litter the sanguine hills.
I hold this ground to wait for days and liberate myself from this campaign.

Only in a dream… only in the sea…

The ebb and flow of ruling men has caught up to us evening the score.
Only on the floor of Dan-No-Ura is where I will find my salvation

Only in a dream, only in the sea.
Only in a dream, only in the sea we lie. With no air left to breathe
Track Name: Celia Cooney
March of ’24 despite composure so demure she found herself locked behind the slammer door.
Months and months of pulling heists while playing pistolero with the barrel of her dirty thirty eight.

there's a cat pawed lady I know
shooting out the horrorshow.
with brooklyn distressed she gives it a go
her baby oughtta automatically grow.

Diminutive and dimple-faced her victims shake beneath a loaded gun.
Steel nerve for baby waiting in the belly of the bob-haired beast.

When really she’s no desperado

All by herself
In her lonely Cell
While tears of glycerin stain her face

Anarchists and Bolsheviks explain away the squalor in the street
Wave to crowds who’ve gathered here to look upon her celebrated locks

a sealskin coat, for the regal bandit

Wild tears of glycerin stain the page